In September 2014, after months of preparation, SMHILE was officially launched at the 8th World Congress on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, held at Imperial College, in London, England. The SMHILE core team hosted a pre-conference session that featured “ignite” presentations from four European speakers:

Torill Larsen, Norway, Student participation as a vehicle for positive youth development

Peter Paulus, Germany, Linking mental health and education in a new version of a whole school approach: The good healthy school

Margaret Barry, Ireland, Implementing a Whole School Approach to Mental Health Promotion: does the focus of research and practice need to change?

Katherine Weare, England, Mindfulness in schools: What is it? What do we know? Where are we going?

This was followed by table discussion on key theme areas. The agenda for the session is found within this set of Welcome Slides and the hosts for the session, the SMHILE core team, is pictured below.

A picture of the SMHILE team members
SMHILE Core Team